The PA Survival Guide

The Book

Coming in 2020

So... What's it all about then?

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or just make it to 5pm on Friday, this book is going to be your new best friend.

Covering everything from time saving email hacks no one told you about to how to handle working with different management styles and everything in between.

A desk drawer essential for any administrator to dip into when you need some help with practical stuff like

  • Minute Taking
  • Conference planning
  • File management

And loads more…

“Margaret helped me see how many of my skills were transferable and gave me the confidence to take the necessary next steps in my career. She helps you see and appreciate your abilities in a whole new light. Her honest, straightforward advice and guidance was exactly what I needed”

Judy McCarthyThe Kilkenny Shop

The PA Survival Guide will also be your go-to for straight-talking content

Handling Situations

What to do when you make a mistake

Working Remotely

Handy tips for working remotely or working from home

Getting Promoted

What to do when you want out of your junior admin role

Interview Training

Need some stellar interview advice to get the dream job

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Can you survive without it?

The PA Survival Guide - Available on Amazon in Spring 2020